Voice-powered medical devices →

Lørdag 6. februar 2016

The Economist:

For obvious reasons, surgeons do not like opening heads up unless it is strictly necessary. Sometimes, therefore, the battery packs that power head implants are put in the wearer’s chest. But this means running a wire up through the patient’s neck, from the one to the other, which is scarcely satisfactory either. A way to power such implants without replacing their batteries at all would thus be welcome. And Hyuck Choo of the California Institute of Technology and his colleagues think they have one. They plan to scavenge the necessary energy from the vibrations of the vocal cords that occur when someone is talking

8 minutes of digital marketing →

Fredag 15. januar 2016

Torsdag 3. desember holdt INMA 8 Minutes of Digital Marketing-konferansen i Saga kino, hvor samtlige av de 35 inviterte speakerne ble bedt om å holde seg til åtte minutter. Av dem alle var det Jostein Magnussen i Netlife Research som ble kåret til den beste av publikum. På sine tilmålte minutter tok han et oppgjør med alle de nye begrepene som har sneket seg inn i markedsføringsbransjen.

Adam Savage's Overlook Hotel Maze Model

Fredag 27. februar 2015

Over the span of a month, Adam designed and built an accurate replica of the hedge maze architectural model from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The maze model, as seen in The Overlook Hotel, is only seen briefly, but reference screenshots from throughout the film allowed Adam to painstakingly recreate it. The project ended up as one of Adam’s more labor-intensive builds in recent memory!