Israel warns citizens of security camera hack risk | Risky Biz News

In the face of an escalating military conflict with Hamas and Hezbollah forces, the Israeli government has asked citizens to secure home security cameras or shut them down completely, fearing the devices could be hacked and used for espionage and intelligence collection.

In a memo on Friday, Israel’s National Cyber Directorate has asked camera owners to change their passwords, enable two-factor authentication if present, and enable automatic security updates.

If camera owners can’t change any of their settings, officials have urged owners to either cover camera lenses or shut down devices completely.Israeli officials aren’t taking any chances and have most likely learned a vital lesson from the recent Russo-Ukrainian conflict, where security cameras across Ukraine have been hacked by Russian hackers to track military aid convoys and adjust missile targeting in real-time.


In addition, there is also a propaganda aspect to take into consideration. Since the initial Hamas attack on October 7, footage taken from hacked security cameras showing Hamas rockets hitting Israeli homes has also been widely shared online.

Risky Biz News: Israel warns citizens of security camera hack risk