Worst Case Scenarios

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  • How To Foil An Alien Abduction
  • How To Survive A Riot
  • How To Survive An Airplane Crash
  • How To Stop A Car With No Brakes
  • How To Find Your Way When Lost In The Woods
  • How To Jump From Rooftop To Rooftop
  • How To Survive A Volcanic Eruption
  • How To Ram A Barricade
  • How To Survive A Sandstorm
  • How To Cross A Piranha-Infested River
  • How To Survive A Plunge Over A Waterfall
  • How To Survive A Fall Through Ice
  • How To Escape From A Car Hanging Over The Edge Of A Cliff
  • How To Survive A Riptide
  • How To Navigate A Minefield
  • How To Control A Runaway Camel
  • How To Survive In A Plummeting Elevator